UltraGauge Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

ODB2 Bluetooth Android with NFC Review

Reviewing ODB2 Bluetooth Adaptor using a Galaxy S3 with NFS Car Dock. Testing on a Jetta and a Chrysler Pacifica with error codes. Thank you for your time, ...

UltraGauge Blue Adapter

Overview of UltraGauge Blue OBDII Adapter and Android/Apple Bluetooth Application.

Quick Demo of the Ultragauge OBDII Diagnostic Tool

I bought an Ultragauge recently from http://www.ultra-gauge.com/ultragauge/index.htm A coworker had a Scangauge in his car which he used in reading Trouble ...

Ultragauge 4 Month Review

Just my personal opinions on the Ultragauge.

ultra gauge Review

Review for the Ultra Gauge attached to my 1995 Land Cruiser. Good Product, it works, and cheap good customer service.

UltraGauge OBDII Monitor

OBDII UltraGauge Monitor and code reader. I was looking for a more accurate engine temp gauge than stock. What's nice about the UltraGauge is you can set ...

Ultra Gauge OBD 2 Scanner in action @ Seat Leon Cupra R LCD Display 1/10 refresh scan monitor

Neu, Ultra Gauge EM OBD tool. Motordaten in Echtzeit (1/10 refresh rate) loggen Abgastemperatur, Ladedruck, Luftmasse, Ansauglufttemperatur, Lambda Werte ...

Ultra Gauge Mini R53

small review on the R53.

Jaguar X type Sovereign Ultra Gauge setup

Testing my set-up of new Ultra Gauge.

Fuel Monitor iPhone App Review

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